Due to the road and weather conditions of different regions in winter, icy and sleeky roads are dangerous for drivers. Therefore, they need to be vigilant when driving in winter. With the best Falken SUV tires, you must be ready for winter driving on the sleeky roads. Here it would be best if you took precautions for the car to handle severe weather. 

With the help of some tips, you can winterize your car and secure yourself from any icy emergency.   

  • Service Vehicle – Winter Driving Condition 

Have your car maintained, so it is ready for winter's difficulties before you encounter severe weather.  

  • Battery  

As the temperature lower, battery power declines, making wintertime auto-starting difficult. Your chance of malfunctioning rises if your battery is already having issues. For the best winter performance, it is advised that your auto service professional install a battery of 600 CCA or more.  

  • Cooling System 

It is advised to keep the antifreeze-to-water ratio to 70/30. It can help your car with a coolant system. If you need help, you can always ask your mechanic to help determine your car's antifreeze ratio. It may vary.  

  • Brake 

Even if driving in the cold doesn't always harm your brakes, a comprehensive inspection can guarantee the greatest performance. 

  • Wire, Hoses, And Cables 

These can spoil anywhere at any time of year, although if they do so in the winter, you risk spending an extended period stranded in a bitterly cold location. 

  • Replace Your Winter Tire 

All-season tires can be used in winter, but you may need more optimal efficiency in your location. Therefore, it is advised that you add winter tires when winterizing your vehicles if you stay in an area with incredibly cold winter temperatures. 

Non-Winter tires' rubber compositions stiffen when the temperature is constantly below freezing, reducing the tire's traction on the ground. Winter tires include unique compounds designed to withstand freezing temperatures without hardening, giving them improved grip on icing, snow, slop, and sometimes even dry pavement. All-season tires should be suitable for staying in a region without particularly harsh cold winters. 

  • Maintain Your Car Tire Pressure 

A loss or gain of 1 PSI might result from a 10° shift in the surrounding temperature. As a result, you should check tire pressure more frequently throughout the winter and top off as necessary. You can find the recommended tire pressure for your Falken SUV tires in the owner's handbook or the tire placard near the driver's side. 

  • Examine The Region Temperature – To Affect Grip 

Check the forecast to see how the weather could change while traveling on a cold winter journey. When there is a rapid shift in the weather that you are unprepared for, it might damage both your grip and your driving skills. Driving at 0° temperature is very different from driving in 35° weather for drivers. Due to surfaces being slicker at these higher freezing temperatures, you typically have more stability at 0° than you would at 35°. 

  • Ensure Car Have Winter Wipers 

Winter wipers are different from regular ones. When changing tires in winter, changing some of the car components is essential. So that your car is protected and you can have a safe ride during snowfall. Winter wipers have rubber that prevents ice from building up on the blades. Just remember to take them off in the spring.  

  • Fill Up Washer Fluid Full 

Regularly change the wiper fluid on your windscreen. This fluid may be used significantly in a blizzard, so often, top out the washer reservoir with windscreen wiper fluid made specifically for winter weather. Add water to the container of washer fluid and antifreeze to the car bonnet if you are not sure your car washer can also help you in cold weather. In most car parts stores, you can find it. 

  • Keep A Winter Safety Kit 

Before leaving on the road, you must check the winter stock of tools and supplies for emergencies. Then, before traveling out into the winter, use the infographic below to determine what else to bring.